Eden | A Birth Story

You know those friendships that are just born out of nowhere. That is how Esther and I began, it sounds like a first date. We met at 6 degree's coffee shop in Orcutt for the first time to talk about a maternity and family session. I knew in the first 30 seconds that we would be friends. 

It was a normal meeting, we talked shop and made plans for her session, then both went our separate ways. The day of her family session we hit it off again (sounds like a date again right?) we laughed through the entire family session and the idea of a live birth session was born (pardon the pun).

Over the next weeks Esther and I bonded like no other. In a matter of a month we went from being strangers to talking daily about everything and literally anything. 

Esther and I bet that Eden would come early so for a week we waited and waited, but Eden was on her own schedule. It was the day before she was due that Esther went into labor. It was October 29th right around 9pm. Eden would soon arrive ON her due date just after midnight.

It was an experience that I will treasure for a lifetime, along with Esther and our friendship.